Sports Physiotherapy clinic cum centre in Rohini, Delhi
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Sports Physiotherapy clinic cum centre in Rohini, Delhi

SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY is the emblem of advancement of medical sciences to improve upon on our daily lives. Sports Physiotherapy clinic cum centre in Rohini, Delhi is a clinic run by Dr.Ravina Mathur where best in class equipment are available for the most complicated of Sports injuries to be tackled. Sports physiotherapy is a branch that closely takes care of athletes and their health-related issues. Generally, the competitiveness in makes you unleash all the boundaries and then sportsmen get prone to injuries such asAnkle sprain, Groin pull, Hamstring strain, Shin splints, Knee injury: ACL tear.Few other treatments Sports physiotherapy include total hip replacement, knee replacement, ligament repair etc. We treat every specific issue in a customised program that suits the age, gender, type of injury of the patient. Sports physiotherapy clinic centre in Rohini by Dr.Ravina Mathur is a class apart facility where all the differences between an ever rising sports career and those breaks that an injury causes are as small as you can imagine. With equipments ranging from cryotheraphy instruments to Traction ,intereferential therapy. Sports physiotherapy clinic centre is a one stop place for all the ailments when it comes to physiotherapy. These days, the demands at any sports from athletes are hell bending. Every sport person wants to give his all and wants to give his best. The selections due to number of participants are decreasing in number. In such cases mental health plus physical health takes a big time toll. In such rugged conditions players leave no stone unturned to give their best. In such scenarios the biggest requirement is of a Sports physiotherapist. Sports physiotherapy is the helping hand that can change the way one look towards injuries. The faster an injury is tackled, the better the case is. Our rehabilitation facilities can also help you to regain the lost confidence in life and be more aware about injuries that can occur at any time.